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Licensed Money Lender Singapore Rates

Borrowing money is one solution when someone is in serious financial trouble. Some of these financial problems include the need for business capital, education costs, home renovation costs and other costs. Many places provide lending. Starting from the bank to lending institutions alias nonbank. Some lending places require assurance such as assets, but some also provide unsecured loans. One of them is through our website, visit our website and find licensed money lender Singapore rates.

Here Are Some Places To Borrow Other Money Besides Through Our Website

  • Loans from Family / Friends / Relatives

These loans fall into the category of non-guaranteed nonbank loans because rarely does a family or friend lend money on bail. Usually based only on trust. These loans are among the safest of all loans because they have no interest and the installments are not too tight.

  • Loan from the Office

For those of you who happen to work and become permanent employees in a company, you usually have access to get a loan without having to guarantee. This type of loan is included in non-bank loans. Loans from offices are usually used for impromptu purposes such as buying a motor vehicle or a home. The mortgage rate is also quite low.

  • Loan Leasing

Another way to get a loan is through leasing funds. Generally, these nonbank loans are not provided in cash but in the form of motor vehicle assets. Loans from leasing are very useful if you want to take credit or loans to buy a private vehicle.

  • Loans Through Online

Currently, there are many websites that can offer unsecured nonbank loans. This website promotes its services through online channels with offers of easy, quick and unsecured loans. Although the offer is tempting enough, you should keep thinking carefully before taking out the loan, because the interest is quite large.

  • Credit card

Another money lending solution is a credit card. Through a credit card, you can withdraw the cash you need in case the funding needs are so abrupt and you do not have the time to take care of the file or wait longer. Before withdrawing cash from a credit card you should also be sure that the funds will be used for a super important purpose. Why? Because interest and withdrawal fees are quite high.